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My Story

My Story, My Beliefs, and My Mission


When my beloved dogs Tasha and Niki died in 2002, nothing anyone said or did could console me.  Some friends and family members and even a veterinarian or two were thoughtful enough to send condolence cards or flowers.  Mostly, as I have learned through speaking with hundreds of pet guardians over the years, a common thread among those of us who have lost a pet is that our grief is not understood, not comfortable for others, and worse yet, not acknowledged.  True, loving support is difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Tasha and Niki were more than precious companions to me.  They were great teachers.  Their loss inspired me to learn more about holistic health and well-being.  As The Pet Guardian, I’ve become an advocate for companion animals, informing the public about the dangers of vaccines, poisonous drugs, and pet products.  

On the wings of Tasha and Niki’s passing came the reminder of the simpler things in life that matter the most to me.  I found my life’s purpose and passion for reaching out, helping people feel good inside and, as guardians, making sure our pets thrive.  I transferred my sadness and creative energy into creating the Kindred Spirits Gift Shop, a heavenly place where one can give a gift of the heart to a special someone and let them know how much they are loved and cherished.

Through the years, my beautiful black German shepherd soul mate, Casey, stayed by my side while I further found my wings and created Auntie Angel Designs inspirational and pet-lover jewelry.  Casey's passing on September 5th, 2013, has led me into a new chapter of my life.  Casey's unconditional love and devotion and the very special bond we shared continually inspires me to create products and to share my heart, my art, with the world.  I know he would like that.

I feel it is my mission to “. . . get people to see animals in (a) different light, as spiritual beings.”  I want to “raise the status of animals in (our) society, to show that they have consciousness, too, that they’re more than dumb creatures.”  (The Angel by My Side, Mike Lingenfelter and David Frei.)  Through your purchase of Kindred Spirits Gift Shop “soulful” gifts and Auntie Angel Designs jewelry items, you become an integral part of my special mission honoring those who mean the most to us, both on earth and in Spirit.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you!


(Click on the picture of Tasha and Niki above to read their story.)

Offered with love,

Jean B. Brudd
President & Owner
The Pet Guardian, LLC
and Kindred Spirits Gift Shop, LLC



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