The Pet Guardian is dedicated to those who have lost a beloved pet.

In the summer of 2002, my three dogs, Niki, Tasha, and Casey, had their first veterinary appointment in their new home state. Always being a diligent and conscientious guardian and having learned from living in the South, knowing it was heartworm season, my dogs were taken in for a checkup in order to be placed on their customary heartworm preventative.

At this point in my life, I felt vets were the next closest being to God. If a product was offered at a vet clinic, it must be safe. Was I ever in for an education! That day the vet pronounced my dogs healthy, and I was grateful for that. My dogs are my life, my babies. But that day, I left the clinic feeling something "evil" had just happened and that I would never return.

Unfortunately, my gut feelings proved to be correct when, two months later, Tasha collapsed on the kitchen floor. An emergency vet diagnosed immune mediated hemolytic anemia. After heroic attempts to make her well, Tasha died six days later. She left behind her companions Niki and Casey.

Less than two months after Tasha died, late one night Niki collapsed on the living room floor. Before dawn, Niki, too, was gone. Niki left behind his companion Casey and a devastated, angry, grief-stricken guardian, me.

At the same time, Casey's immune system was found not to be normal; but by the grace of God, Casey is alive today and appears to be healthy, although he remains on medication that he may possibly be on the rest of his life.

The common denominator of my dogs' illnesses and deaths? In this guardian's "opinion," the vet's administration of the heartworm injectable known as ProHeart 6.

Because of this most painful chapter in my life, the struggle I experience on a daily basis, I started to become educated about so many issues pertaining to the health of our pets and disturbing trends that have come to my attention. I am finding that the average layperson just has no clue. I am no expert, but the knowledge I have gained, I want to share with you.

I couldn't save my dogs' lives, but maybe I can help save the life of your pet. Hopefully you can in turn save the lives of others. The creation of this Web site is a tribute to my dogs Tasha and Niki, to Casey and now Abby, for their unconditional love, devotion, and companionship and my never-ending love and gratitude for having each of these wonderful souls in my life.



If you've ever known the welcome of a barking ball of hair, a sloppy kiss, a friendly paw, a quiet adoring stare- Tasha & Niki

If you've ever had a special friend to share a tear or two, or maybe just a wagging tail to lift you when you're blue-

If you've ever lost your troubles in a joyful romp outside, or shared your fears with listening ears That never left your side-

If you've ever felt the wrenching pain that only death can send, then you have lost not just a dog-

You've truly lost a friend.

A loving God would not destroy the love that he creates. So rest assured that you will find your dog at Heaven's gate. that joyful bark, that sloppy kiss, will greet you once again, and share your love forevermore

Your dog - your precious friend.

-- May peace be in your dreams --

-- Dr. Carlile --